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  • Cracking Down on Drug Trafficking: As District Attorney, Alvin will address illegal drug trafficking in a way that actually makes us safer. 

    • We must treat drug addiction as a health care issue (see Priorities on Ending Mass Incarceration) while directing prosecutorial resources to large-scale narcotics operations.  That is what Alvin did as a federal prosecutor when, for example, he tried and convicted the owner of an approximately $30 million business for laundering millions of dollars of drug money for an international cartel.

    • Under Alvin’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office will address the opioid crisis by focusing on drug makers who lie about the drugs they sell and on doctors and pharmacists who unlawfully profit from drug addiction.  As the Chief Deputy Attorney General for New York State, Alvin oversaw the filing of a lawsuit alleging that a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer engaged in deceptive marketing of opioids.  As a federal prosecutor, Alvin prosecuted the owner of a pharmacy who used his pharmacy to fill stolen and fraudulent prescriptions for opioids. 

  • Targeting Gun Trafficking: Under Alvin’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office will address gun violence by focusing investigative resources on large-scale suppliers. 

    • Approximately ninety percent of the guns found at crime scenes in New York City were brought to the City illegally from outside of New York State.  When Alvin was in senior leadership at the Attorney General’s Office, the office developed an interactive tool that allows law enforcement to identify the source of illegal guns used in crimes.  We must use this type of technology to disrupt the illegal gun trafficking networks that bring these guns to our City. 

    • Under Alvin’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office also will support community-based, anti-violence programs, which do invaluable work mediating and preventing violent conflicts and providing support for persons at risk for gun violence.

  • Preventing and Prosecuting Cyber Crimes: So much of what we do now – from commercial transactions to staying in touch with friends – takes place over the internet.  As a result, detecting, preventing, investigating, and prosecuting cyber crimes are of the utmost importance.  This includes identity theft,online child predators, and cyber attacks that target key government and business functions.  It is essential that prosecutor’s offices use cutting-edge technology to investigate these crimes.  During his career, Alvin has incorporated such technology into the investigation of complex financial frauds and other crimes.