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When Alvin led the Social Justice Division at the New York Attorney General’s Office, he investigated companies that discriminated against workers with criminal histories in violation of New York State law and made them change their practices.  Reentry programs will be a top priority for him at the District Attorney’s Office.

His office will always be mindful – in what charges are brought and what plea agreements are offered – of the many consequences of a criminal charge, including consequences for employment, housing, educational opportunities, and public benefits. 

Under Alvin’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office will:

  • Work with those convicted of crimes to develop a reentry plan at the time of sentencing in order to facilitate their return to their community and put structures in place to prevent recidivism. 

  • Hire formerly incarcerated persons to lead and coordinate reentry work.

  • Work to connect formerly incarcerated persons with employers, housing, educational opportunities, and public benefits. 

  • Support expungement or sealing of records whenever permitted by statute, and automatic expungement for acts that have been decriminalized.