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Acts of police misconduct undermine the entire justice system.  Allegations of police misconduct must be investigated thoroughly, transparently, and independently of the police department. 

That is what Alvin did when he led the special unit at the New York Attorney General’s Office that investigated civilian deaths caused by police officers.  Prior to that, as a federal prosecutor, he prosecuted an FBI agent who lied in connection with a prosecution and, as a civil rights lawyer in private practice, he litigated excessive force claims against the New York State Police.

As District Attorney, holding police accountable will be one of his top priorities.

  • Independent Investigations:  Investigations will be conducted by prosecutors who exclusively work on police misconduct cases and do not have other cases where they work with police officers.

  • Thorough Investigations: Investigations will be conducted by experienced prosecutors who report directly to the District Attorney and First District Attorney.

  • Transparency: If no charges are brought after an investigation, a public report will be issued outlining investigative findings and legal conclusions and making recommendations for systemic reforms.

  • Fairer Prosecutions:  To ensure that cases are prosecuted fairly, instances of prior police misconduct will be disclosed to the defense in a timely manner, and cases based on improper police conduct will be declined.  Alvin will work with the NYPD on training programs to address recurring issues that jeopardize prosecutions.