Too often in Manhattan it seems that the quality of justice you receive is determined by how much money you have or the color of your skin. We need equal justice for all. That means taking stronger and more aggressive steps to reverse mass incarceration. Creating a civil rights unit to handle investigations of police conduct. Overhauling the sex crimes unit to get justice for victims. Promoting schools not jails and getting guns off our streets. And it means refusing to take campaign donations from any lawyer who appears before the office. These are the fights of our times. These are the fights of my life.


We don’t take any money from corporations or defense attorneys that have or may have cases before the Manhattan District Attorney. We rely solely on grassroots contributions from people like you.


A LIFetime demanding justice.

As a City Council attorney, a federal prosecutor and at the highest level of New York’s Attorney General Office, Alvin Bragg has prosecuted corrupt public officials, sued the Trump Foundation and Harvey Weinstein and his company, taken on corrupt landlords, started a new unit investigating police conduct that kills unarmed persons and worked to reform the criminal justice system to work on behalf of all people.

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