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We must hold public officials accountable when they betray our trust.  We must be proactive in investigating misuse of public funds and abuse of powers.  Public corruption crimes undermine confidence in our democracy.

As a federal and state prosecutor, Alvin focused on public corruption, prosecuting politicians (both Democrat and Republican) who took bribes and government contractors who stole funds.  Among other cases, he prosecuted: (1) the former Majority Leader of the State Senate and a Council Member in a bribery scheme; (2) a contractor who lied about being a disabled veteran to get approximately $16 million worth of contracts set aside by the Department of Veterans Affairs; and (3) a contractor responsible for overseeing a project to bring Internet access to City schools and bridge the digital divide, who funneled millions of dollars from the project to himself.

As District Attorney, Alvin will continue holding politicians accountable and safeguarding public funds.